因 此,即使忙碌於產品的開發與延伸,"創作精神"仍是Filter017不曾停止的課題,而擅長將圖像以PATTERN形式加以混合而成的創作型態,長久以 來所陸續發表的多款經典圖像PATTERN,已成為Filter017團隊的經典與招牌,並將這樣的PATTERN圖像命名為Razzle Dazzle(R.D.)系列。

2011年一開始Filter017首先發表R.D.CASINO LIFE PATTERN,這款圖像作品,內容同樣如往常結合了許多Filter017以"CASINO LIFE"為主題所創作的圖像,日後也將會看到如同其他作品一樣,運用轉化至品牌商品設計中,敬請期待!

這個系列的主題主要反映的是有關於生活人生賭博虛榮金錢慾望暴力以及資本主義... 等等話題,Filter017希望透過圖像與經典的標語字體,將這些話題連結,以反諷、幽默以及輕鬆的方式加以詮釋,因此除了在視覺上沿襲 了"Razzle Dazzle"眼花撩亂的風格,再仔細觀看每個圖像的細節,也不難發現有許多值得細細玩味的圖像演繹,並且值得在幽默與反諷的圖像下思考。

Even Filter017 design wears and zakka since 2009, but we always keep the original that graphic and design with every little things in life when we borned at 2004, even every commerce products.that's why Filter017 was different with others.

So,even we rush for new design but we never stop to do the job - sprite of creative. the "Razzle Dazzle" was a pattern made by many mix source with Filter017's original graphic design. And this kind of series were most classic sign in Filter017.

The beginning of 2011, Filter017 published the graphic works: R.D.(Razzle Dazzle)CASINO LIFE PATTERN. The works subject is made with "CASINO LIFE". And we'll transform the R.D.CASINO LIFE PATTERN to our new product design just like another works in us. So please wait and see!

All about the R.D.CASINO LIFE PATTERN are living, life, gamble, vanity, money, desire, violence and the capitalist. All of we want are linkage those subject and performance of irony and humor by our classic poster and graphic. The works visual was followed the "Razzle Dazzle" style. When you enjoy any details, you can finds rich of interesting design in grapics. Let's teste it slowly of irony and humor.

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